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  • Vacuum Pump Systems
  • VFD Retrofits
  • Cooling Systems and Towers
  • Installations
  • Air Compressors Systems
  • Precision Pneumatic Tools
  • Stationary Generator Sets
  • Towable Generators
  • Switchgear and Controllers

Air Compressor Repair

Air Centers of Florida has a well-trained staff of service technicians capable of repairing, servicing, and maintaining all major compressor brands.

Maintenance Agreements

If your business owns and uses a compressed air system, it is essential for the life of your compressor to stay up to date with service and maintenance.


Air Centers of Florida’s air compressor installation team is unmatched. Our unique installs feature a compressor room layout that allows for easy servicing, maneuverability, and efficiency.

Compressed Air Audits

Air Centers of Florida’s compressed air system audit can help you reduce operating costs, improve manufacturing productivity and reduce capital spending. They are designed to help you define and solve problems so you can optimize your system’s performance.

4000 Hour Maintenance Kits

Air Centers of Florida’s NEW 4000 Hour Maintenance Kit has the GENUINE Ingersoll Rand parts needed to perform your machine’s required services. The kit includes all required filters and lubricant to keep your compressors running at peak performance.

AIRGuard Wireless Remote Monitoring

The AIRGuard™ wireless remote monitoring and control system by Air Centers of Florida is the reliable, cost­ effective solution for air compressor monitoring.